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IR35 & Direct Hires

IR35 & Direct Hires

SQ Computer Personnel Ltd provides a payroll and management service for contractors recruited directly by the client. We act as the interface between the client and contractor, our contract helping to protect the client from  Employment rights issues including  European working time regulations,  employment law, holiday pay, sick leave and potential tax liabilities whilst also providing a support service to the contractor and enabling the contractor to insure their IR35 position. 

Our charge for this is very competitive and substantially less than bank loan rates! We invoice our clients monthly in arrears despite paying contractors on 15 working days.

SQ Computer Personnel Ltd is approved by The Professional Contractors Group (PCG) and provides accredited insurable IR35 friendly contracts  for both the PCG and QDOS insurances and we will work with any other insurer to achieve the same on the contractor's behalf. The advantage to the end client is that they have legally sound contractors outside of IR35 fully backed up by an agency abreast of European Legislations as and when they change.

SQ also offers a Business Insurance Package via Qdos Consulting. Please take a look at the various packages, including IR35 Insurance on offer at http://sqcp.qdosconsulting.com/ 

If a contractor’s current Agency or direct Client only offers an IR35 'Caught' contract and the contractor wants to receive the benefits of working outside of IR35, SQ Computer Personnel Ltd can enable the contractor to  insure their IR35 position for a modest fee.

If you are a direct contractor and are concerned about your liability or IR35 or you are dissatisfied with the service you currently receive from your existing agents,  then SQ Computer Personnel Ltd can help.