Company Values

SQCP was founded in 1984 by Bernie Potton to counteract what he felt at the time was a recruitment industry swamped with agencies who were putting financial gain in front of candidate and client integrity.

Our goal is to excel in everything that we do by maintaining the highest possible standards, working to best practice and being innovative and adaptable in our approaches. The relationships with our clients have thrived on the basis of our high professional working practices.

SQCP’s Corporate Values

Honesty & Integrity


Reputation & Morale

We believe that Honesty and Integrity are the benchmark for being a truly genuine service oriented company and ensure that Honesty and Integrity is maintained with both internal and external relationships.


We believe strongly in the term Respect. It is important for us that we show great Respect of the role, responsibilities, values and needs of our clients and candidates. In turn we believe that it is equally important that those who partner with us Respect the role that we play in providing our recruitment solutions. In turn, our internal culture fosters Respect amongst both employees and employers.

Reputation & Morale

We believe that it is important to build, maintain and protect both the good Reputation of our company and the Morale of our employees. We have an open working environment and ensure that every employee has the opportunity to share ideas and has a ‘voice’ within the business.

Building Relationships

Quality of Service

A key attribute to the success we have enjoyed since our conception is how highly we value Building Long-term Relationships with our clients and candidates. We enter into all new relationships with the belief that we will become the forefront business partner to that organisation and we work hard to maintain excellent working relationships with our existing clients and contractors realising that this ensures our network is maintained and that we continue to be recommended to new clients and candidates.

Quality of Service

Underpinning our continuing success is our belief in providing the highest possible Quality of Service by listening, understanding and working to best practice to provide the best solutions. We recognise that each of our clients will require a recruitment solution unique to their particular needs and requirements.

Overall we believe in treating both candidates and clients with equal commitment.

SQCP’s Team Members’ Values

On joining SQCP you will become a member of a team whose core values are:

  • To Respect and show Respect for one another’s abilities, values, beliefs and views;
  • Be Positive and to promote a Positive culture;
  • To be Transparent and Open;
  • To Trust and be Trustworthy;
  • Be Leaders and seek to further develop Leadership qualities;
  • Promote Self-Worth, Wellness and Inclusion;
  • Be Committed to Excellence and Best Practice.

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