SQ Umbrella

Working inside of IR35? Let SQ Umbrella Limited take the hassles of payroll administration away from you so you can free up time to concentrate on delivering the best service to your clients.

SQ Umbrella Limited provides contractor professionals with peace of mind that all of their payroll issues are covered.

As part of the Group of one of the largest privately owned IT recruitment agencies in the UK, headed by a former contractor and acting for over 120 IT contractors, SQ Umbrella Limited understands what you require from a payroll service.

We will handle the entire payroll for a once per month admin fee of £70, with no set up fees.

What could my take home pay look like?

How do we calculate your pay?

Each payment will be subject to deductions of Employers National Insurance, Apprenticeship Levy (if applicable) and SQU’s £70 p/month fee from your Gross salary and then subject to further deductions for Employees National Insurance, PAYE Tax, on the balance.

Employer’s Pension Contributions and Employee’s Pension Contributions to our pension provider NEST, will be begin via Auto-Enrolment on 12 weeks of service. You have the right to Opt-Out of the pension scheme within one month of being enrolled.

*The figure may differ from your actual take home depending on your Tax Code.